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Shawn Angier, A.B.O.C.

I have been the manager of Cherry Creek Optical for 10 years.  I love wearing glasses.  I have worn glasses since I was in the second grade. Glasses are a way of expressing my personality.  I am known to match all my frames to my wardrobe. In this day and age, one pair of glasses does not always serve the purpose. Sometimes people need more than one pair.  Not only do I get the opportunity to help give a person the gift of sight, I get to help them build their confidence, look spectacular in glasses, and make a fashion statement.  I  have been a certified optician for 38 years.  It is extremely important to me to be able to work with people on a one on one basis, developing relationships and assisting them with something as important as glasses to enhance their lives. Most patients need to be guided when selecting their frames so that the frame will be compatible with their prescriptions.  Each  patient can be totally comfortable in selecting their glasses , knowing that I will use my knowledge, years of experience and expertise to give them the best lenses on the market and quality frames.  I absolutely have  the best team of opticians to work with.  They are equally as knowledgeable, personable and confident in the eyewear profession as I am. Together, we go out of our way to create a warm, friendly environment for every person who walks through our door. 

Sean Lindblom, A.B.O.C. Sean

I am an avid Bronco fan from the Denver area. I started out making glasses in 2005, eventually becoming manager of an optical laboratory. Now I sell and dispense as a certified optician. I have the capability to cut and edge a limited amount of plain and prescription lenses in our small, on site finishing lab. I don’t wear corrective lenses but have a plethora of sunglasses for all occasions and can help you find a good pair of sunglasses too, Rx or otherwise.

Introducing Claire

Introducing Claire Schmuecker, welcome!


Claire Schmuecker 

I was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas. I moved to Denver to experience big city life with my kitty Merla. I've been working as an optician for over a year and will be certified in 2024.

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