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About Cherry Creek Optical LLP

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The opticians in our office have a passion and desire to meet every patient's needs. Opticians have influenced history greatly and we want to continue the tradition to impact the life of each patient we fit with glasses. Vision is imperative to how we humans experience life; 80 percent of the brain's activity has to do with vision. When one of our opticians fit a patient with a pair of glasses they are affecting how patients see their world, their professions and their future. Proper vision is a necessity to function in our world. Our office strives to create an atmosphere that is professional and friendly. It is important to us that every patient  feels comfortable, important, educated and excited about their new pair of eyeglasses. We feel our patients deserve to have a seamless experience with personal attention to detail from someone they can trust. Cherry Creek Optical has a well-trained staff that will take the time to assure their patients are getting proper styling, the best lenses (Nikon) and superb customer service. This is why we have patients that have been coming to us for over three decades to purchase their eyewear.

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